BioStack Alignment Utility

After installing the BioStack and the liquid handler in their aligning plates and manually assuring the gripper will correctly pick up and place the microplate (find detailed instructions in the BioStack User Manual), use this alignment utility to precisely align the BioStack's gripper with the microplate carrier.

Do not tighten the locking hardware until you've completed this procedure. Typically minor adjustments are needed. Repeat the "Verify" step after locking the hardware to make sure the stacker was not unintentionally moved during the process.

  1. First, Home the BioStack.
  2. Click Begin. This enables the alignment and step up and down buttons.

  1. Use the directional and numbered steps buttons to move the gripper to pick up the microplate from the instrument's plate carrier.
  2. When the gripper appears to be correctly positioned, Save (the) Position.
  3. Remove the plate from the instrument's carrier, put it in the BioStack's input stack and click Verify.