Plate Stacked Height

When using non-standard size plates (both low-profile and taller microplates), this setting tells the BioStack where to grip the plates to prevent transferring more than one plate at a time.

Determine the Plate Stacked Height

Tools: Ruler, calipers, or another measuring device.

Measure 2 plates stacked together

Measure height of top plate only

  1. Hold two plates nested together as they will sit in the stack, and measure their height.
  2. Then, measure the top plate by itself.
  3. Subtract the measurements to determine the "plate stacked height" to enter.
Set your Preference for this Setting

Tell the LHC which setting to apply to new protocols, the default value applied to standard microplates or the last height setting entered.

  1. Select Tools>Preferences>BioStack.
  2. Choose the option that will work best for your lab.

See Microplate Dimensions for plate size limits.