Install the Agilent Liquid Handler

  1. Follow instructions in its user manual to install the liquid handler and connect it to the host computer.
  2. With the USB cable connected to both the instrument and the host computer, turn on the liquid handler.
  3. Launch the LHC using the desktop icon or via the Windows Start menu.
  4. Click the Name link to select the instrument. Then, click the Test Communication link.
  5. If prompted, provide more details about the instrument settings:
  6. Click Get to reveal the instrumentís onboard settings. If you have added or removed a device, update the info accordingly.

If communication fails, make sure the liquid handler is properly connected to the computer, it is not busy, and its main menu or Home screen is displayed.

Serial cable: If you have an older liquid handler that uses a serial cable to connect to the host computer, you need to know the COM Port it is using. See About COM Ports.