Minimum Basecode Requirements

Make sure the basecode installed on your washer or dispenser is compatible with the LHC software. If the instrument is connected to the computer, select Tools> Instrument Utilities to verify basecode software installed onboard:

Instrument Basecode PN and Version

EL406 Washer Dispenser

7180207 v. 1.62 or higher

MultiFlo FX Dispenser

any version*

MultiFlo Dispenser

7210200 v. 1.05 or higher

ELx405 Washer

7100227 v. 2.02 or higher

7100242 v. 1.00 or higher

405 TS/LS Washer

any version

50 TS Washer

any version

406 FX Washer Dispenser any version

*Your MultiFlo FX was delivered with its basecode software pre-configured for functionality appropriate for the model type. From the touch screen, select Instrument> Other> Configure Basecode to view the current configuration. You may need to reconfigure the basecode software depending on your actual use of the instrument. Press the Help button for guidance.

Contact Technical Support to obtain the required basecode, if necessary.