Email Alerts

For LHC Secure only.

Emails can be sent to alert designated individuals that a predefined event has occurred. Only an LHC administrator has permission to define and modify the email settings.

Configuring the Email Notification Feature

Prerequisite: Your organization's email server must be configured to support the LHC email notification feature. Check with your IT administrator.

LHC generates an audit trail event when the email notification settings are changed.

Specify Email Recipients

  1. Use the drop-down list to select an Event Type.
  2. For each event, enter the email address of the designated recipients. Separate each email address with a semi-colon (;).
  3. When the email server has been defined and the email recipients' addresses are entered, fill the checkbox to Enable sending Email Alerts.

You can copy and paste email addresses using Window's virtual clipboard.

To Disable/Remove an Event Alert

To discontinue sending one type of event and keep sending alerts for the remaining types: click the first cell in the table row to select it, highlighting the entire row, and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

To delete multiple rows simultaneously, press the Shift or Ctrl keys during selection, then press Delete.