User ID and Password

Once logged in, each user can change their own password: Fill in the Password field and retype the new password in the Confirm Password field. Then, click Save.

About Passwords

Contact your System Administrator to learn the password restrictions and requirements for your organization. Each administrator defines the security rules that govern LHC usage, rules like the minimum number of characters required for a valid password.

Multiple individuals can be assigned to the "Administrators" user group. Only Administrators can add, modify, delete, and lock/unlock user accounts.

Create a user account

  1. Select System > Security > Users.
  2. Click New and enter information. Click Save when finished.

Full Name: This name will appear in audit trail reports for events logged by this user and as the digital signature applied by this user.

User Name: The name or ID used to log into LHC.

Password: Set a generic password. The user can change it when they login.

Group: Assigns the user's permissions; see User Groups .

Status: Keep this set to Active.

Status: Active or Locked - When a user's password has expired or they have failed the maximum number of successive login attempts, the Status changes to Locked.

Create, Modify, or Delete User Accounts

You can designate multiple individuals to be "Administrators". Only Administrators can add, modify, or delete users.

Any user account can be modified or deleted, except the default LHC administrator account, which cannot be deleted.

Before modifying a user account, make sure they are not logged into the system. Check the System Audit Trail to determine who is currently logged in.