BioStack checkbox

To enable the BioStack commands/action buttons:

These controls let you define a regularly used liquid handling protocol without regard to the number of plates that will be processed. Whenever you run the protocol you can set the number of plates as needed.

Note: When you specify a fixed number of plates to be processed, if the BioStack does not contain at least that many plates, it will display an error message during processing with three options:
Abort: Stop the run now.
Retry: Manually add more plates to the stack and resume processing.
Ignore: Temporarily revise the "number of plates to process" for the remainder of the run, i.e. to continue the run with only the number of plates processed so far.

Plate Stacked Height

Certain BioStack models can handle non-standard, low-profile microplates when a "plate stacked height" is defined for them. The Plate Stacked Height tells the BioStack to reposition its gripper to correctly pick up the low profile plates. This feature cannot be deployed when using plates with lids.