Use the BioStack

For the LHC to control the BioStack, both the stacker and your washer or dispenser must be connected to your computer. And, the protocol must contain a "Use BioStack" step container.

The LHC gives you precise control of plate processing. By combining the Loop or Nth Plate step containers and action steps you can design a processing sequence to satisfy the most complex assays.  

  1. The washer/dispenser must be set to run manually. This is contrary to normal BioStack operation, when the instrument controls the BioStack. When using the LHC, it controls the BioStack. Use the instrument's keypad to set the BioStack configuration setting to "manual" (except for the 405 TS, which is exempt from this requirement).
  2. Click the BioStack Port link to define the communication port number used to connect the BioStack to the computer. (You must identify communication ports for both the washer/dispenser and the BioStack.)
  3. After defining and testing the COM port, use the BioStack's Alignment Utility to align the BioStack's gripper with the instrument's plate carrier. Please refer to the abundant information for setting up and controlling the BioStack that is provided with the stacker.
  4. In the top central section of the workspace, fill the checkbox to enable BioStack use.
How to define Protocol Steps:

Like the Loop, the Use BioStack command adds a step container to the protocol. First, add the BioStack step container and then put the action steps inside the start (deliver plate) and end (return plate) steps. Here's an example:

  1. Highlight a step or <end of steps> placeholder in the Protocol Steps box and click Use BioStack. The LHC adds a start step, BioStack delivers and an end step, BioStack returns plate. The end step is highlighted.
  2. Click the action button and define the parameters of the steps to be performed on each plate.
  3. When all the protocol steps are defined, click Validate to make sure the instrument can perform them.
  4. Save the protocol.

Make sure the steps to be performed on the plates are inside the start and end steps. A Restack step must be outside the Use BioStack step container.

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