Clean Up the Database

Perform these steps to reduce the database file size.

LHC Secure: Only "administrators" are permitted to complete this task. Make sure all users are logged out of the LHC before proceeding (when multiple users share the database).

  1. Select System>Audit Trail> System Audit Trail. (First, review the Audit Trail to make sure no one else is logged in, if applicable.)
  1. Use the Start Date and End Date fields to define the date range of the records to display - click the Refresh button to execute your selection. Optionally, further filter the list by User or event Type.
  1. When you have sorted the records as desired for deletion, fill the checkbox to Permanently remove the records from the audit trail and click the Archive to File link.
  1. Select System>Database Configuration.
  1. Click Optimize to actually delete the records and to compress the database file.