Configure PCs to use the database

When you're running LHC Secure in a network environment, you must configure each user's computer to point to the correct database.


A copy of the LHC_DB_ACC.mdb must have been copied to a secure network location.

How to:
  1. Login as an Administrator.
  2. Select System> Database Configuration and click Change Location.
  3. Navigate to the network directory where you put the database and click Open.
  4. Restart the LHC.
Sharing Protocols:

When using a network drive to manage user security, you may want LHC users to share protocol files. You can help direct users to the correct folder by changing their "File Location" Preference:

  1. Select Tools>Preferences>File Locations.
  2. "Use the folder specified below...;" click the specified link and browse to the network folder where you are storing LHC protocols.