Copy Database to Network

For LHC Secure only.

In a multiple-user environment, the best practice may be to put the database on a shared network drive for user authentication and to maintain one system audit trail for all LHC users.

  1. Use Windows Explorer to locate the LHC database installed on your computer in the "Common Data Application Folder."
  2. Copy the file (to preserve an original database file for potential future use) or, if you prefer, move it to the designated shared network location.
  3. In the LHC main view, select System>Database Configuration.
  4. Click the Change Location button and browse to the folder/directory where you stored the database, and click Open.
  5. Restart the LHC to make the change take effect.
Copy Protocols to the Network

Agilent also recommends copying the LHC Protocols folder to a shared network directory and encouraging your users to shared the same protocol files, when possible.