New Protocol

Use this feature to save time developing protocols. It is especially useful when using the LHC to control only one instrument or one instrument model.

How it works:

First you must define a protocol to use as a template. The template can be as simple or complex as desired. Minimally, it should define the instrument, COM Port, and model information. After setup, whenever File> New or the new protocol button is selected, the LHC populates the protocol fields based on the template.

Using the New Protocol template as a Startup option may also be a timesaver.

How to do it:
  1. Select File>New.
  2. Click Name and select the instrument. Define its COM Port and Settings.
  3. Optionally, select the Plate Type, fill in the text fields, and add any steps that you want all new protocols to include.
  4. Select File>Save and give this template protocol a unique name.
  5. Select Tools>Preferences>New Protocol.
  6. Select the button for Protocol selected below to use as a template.
  7. Click selected and select the protocol you created as a template.

To turn off this feature, select the Blank Protocol button in Step 6 above, which may be a preferable mode when using the LHC to control multiple instruments.