Or click the toolbar button to open the Reminders.

You can use reminders to create a task list for regularly scheduled or one-time-only events. The LHC will issue an audible and visible reminder when a task is scheduled or overdue. The LHC issues an audible signal at the due date and time, if the application is open. It will also sound the alarm for any overdue reminders whenever the LHC is opened.

The Reminder List contains one or more active items when the button is green.

At least one reminder is due or overdue when the button changes to red and flashes. The button will flash until the event is deactivated, reactivated, or deleted.

When the Reminder List is empty or all items are inactive the button is grey.

Click Add to create a new reminder.

Highlight a reminder in the list to use the buttons: 

Click OK to save changes or Cancel to discard changes.