Transfer Protocols

The LHC lets you upload and download programs to and from the washer/dispenser:

Download sends protocols from the computer to the instrument for stand-alone operation.

Upload imports protocols from the instrument to the computer.  

Disable Editing of transferred protocols: use this control in either transfer direction. When it is engaged, downloaded protocols will be locked onboard the instrument, i.e., users will not be able to edit the parameters. Uploaded protocols will open in the LHC with "Disable Editing" on (except this is not applicable to LHC Secure which limits editing based on User Groups ). To modify an uploaded protocol users must first "enable editing." Conversely, when this control is not selected, users are free to edit the protocol's parameters onboard the instrument. And, when uploaded protocols are opened in the LHC, they are instantly editable.  

LHC Secure does not support protocol revision control when using the keypad. The ability to lock the keypad is provided specifically for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. Administrators and Power Users are advised to always control the instrument using the LHC or to restrict protocol transfers to downloads, i.e. do not upload protocols from the instrument.

Limitations and Requirements

Some limitations or requirements on transferring protocols from the computer to the instrument are imposed by the instrument's basecode. These limitations apply to most instruments, except the 405 TS:

Protocol Name image

You must define a Protocol or on-board Name to download the protocol to the instrument.