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One time ads vs. reusable ads

One-time ads are for use in a single issue. Reusable ads can be used in any issue. You can create either of them in the Title Record or in an unassigned issue record.


Initial step needed to add an AdAdvertising for an issue. to ARTEMIS.

Full Description

  1. Click Production>Issues.
  2. Select your journal from the Issues list and click View. ARTEMIS displays the Issue Details screen.
  3. In the Ads section, click Add.
  4. If this is a reusable ad, select the Is Reusable check box. If this is a one-time ad, make sure this check box is cleared.


Currently, the Is Reusable option is not operational. Until it is, see FAQ entry Is an ad reusable in different issues of the same journal?

  1. Fill out the Additional Information section.
  2. Type the page number and select Color or BW, and then click Save. ARTEMIS displays the Ad Details screen in the (AD) Ad Processing task.


Make a note of the Ad ID.

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