(AR) Editorial Office Corrections

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After the eProof task closes, the proofs are out to the customer's editorial office for corrections.

Full Description:

The customer's editorial office is reviewing the article and making corrections. When complete, the editorial office can return the article via TACThe Author Center: A browser-based, automated interface for authors to deliver, retrieve, correct, and return proofs. or send them to the PEProduction Editor.

With TAC
  1. The Author Center sends a call to ARTEMIS with the data and location of the files
  2. ARTEMIS retrieves the file or files from the specified location and uploads them to the task.
  3. ARTEMIS closes (AR) Editorial Office Corrections task and opens the (AR)Corrections Review task.
Without TAC
  1. As PE, contact the editorial office and have it send the files via FTP or another method.
  2. In the ((AR) Editorial Office Corrections task, click Edit. ARTEMIS automatically assigns the task to you and locks the task.
  3. Using the File Manager, upload all files to the task.
  4. After all files have been uploaded, click Complete. ARTEMIS closes the (AR) Editorial Office Corrections task and opens the (AR) Corrections Review task.

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