Can I use the same ad in two journals for the same customer without creating two ad records?

At present, you must create an ad record for each account/journal where the ad runs. Make sure, however, that TNQ processes the ad only once. When adding the ad after it was previously processed by TNQ for the other journal, do the following.

To use the ad in two journals without creating two records
  1. In the Remarks section, choose Closing Memo and include the following: This ad was previously processed by TNQ. It is a Pick-up ad. The old ad number is ... and include the ad number.

    This message appears in the RemarksForPlanner column on the Closing Memo which will help TNQ pick the correct ad.
  2. In Ad Processing, open the task and send email to TNQ to not process the ad. Since the ad files are already in ARTEMIS, there is no need to re-upload them into ARTEMIS.
  3. Complete the workflow tasks until you see Approval and the task is closed.

If there are any corrections, you can make them during issue production.

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