How do I move articles from Unassigned to a specific issue?

Before you start, please make sure all your issues for the year are set up in ARTEMIS, as described in How do I add issues to my journal titles? We recommend that you immediately enter the job numbers into ARTEMIS after receiving them from your Billing and Estimating representative.

If an article arrives via Peer Review but the issue isn't set up, ARTEMIS places the article in the Unassigned issue. To assign these articles to a specific issue, follow these steps.

To move articles from an Unassigned issue to a specific issue
  1. Click Production>Titles.
  2. Select your journal and then click View.
  3. On the Title Details screen, expand the Issues section.
  4. Select the issue where you wish to move the articles, and then click View.
  5. On the Issue Details screen, expand the Articles section.
  6. Click Assign. ARTEMIS displays all the Unassigned articles in the Select Article dialog box.
  7. Select an article and click Select. ARTEMIS moves the article into the issue. ARTEMIS closes the Select Article dialog box and returns you to the Issue Details screen.
  8. Expand the Articles section. Your article should appear in the list of articles.

If you want to move another Unassigned article into this issue, go to step 5.

There may be a delay between the time you click Select and the time it takes to move the article into the issue and refresh the page.

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