Managing Files

ARTEMIS,stores all files on the cloud using Amazon Web Services. You can upload and download files directly in ARTEMIS.

The File Manager

Open ARTEMIS and select a task in the TaskA Task is a function performed by a user. Tasks can contain one or more events. ARTEMIS assigns tasks to a User or Group, but only a User can close a task. List by clicking it.

Click Edit to open the task in the Detail screen in edit mode.

The File ManagerThe list of files organized into folders named for each task in the workflow. You can upload additional files, delete or restore files, rename file, examine file properties, view, download or include the files in Files to Send. section of the screen shows the file structure.

Column headings

# shows the version number of that file with a task, which allows multiple files with the same file name to be attached to the same task.

Legacy Files: Files migrated from Dickens are in the Legacy folder, which has the same structure as Dickens.

Attached Files: Attached Files holds all the files added in ARTEMIS, stored in folders with the associated task name. You can manually upload these files or attach them as part of a task.

Files to SendTK:Shows files that ARTEMIS sent from other tasks.

File manager commands

To work on a file, select the check box next to the file and then select from the options:

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