Management Reports

Reports Available

Alterations Report

Displays a count of alterations per issue for the selected time frame.

To create an Alterations report (Management Reports Dashboard)
  1. Click Alteration Report.
  2. Type the Report Start Date and Report End Date. You can also use the calendar control to set your dates.
  3. Click Submit Report. ARTEMIS displays the matching results.

Turn Around Time (TAT) Report

This report shows how long it has taken to complete certain tasks based on task milestones.

To create a Turn Around Time Report (Management Reports Dashboard)
  1. Click Turn Around Time.
  2. Select the Customer from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the Title from the drop-down list and click Submit Report to create the Turn Around Time report.
  4. Click XLS to export your results to a spreadsheet. Note that you must submit a report to generate data before you can export the data to Microsoft Excel.

  5. Click Return to Dashboard to return to the Reports page.
Turn Around Time Report

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