Filtering and Searching

To search for articles, use the filters at the top of ARTEMIS Dashboard.

Using Filters

You can perform basic searches use the Journal, Article ID, Title, Issue ID, Article Type, Active Workflow, Created Date, and Author filters. Select the drop-down list next to each or type in the text boxes.

You can sort on all columns except Issue ID, Workflow Task, Workflow Stage, and Action(s). Click inside the column header cell to sort.

ARTEMIS Dashboard displays results as soon as you choose a drop-down item or when you finish typing text and press Enter. Searches do not accept wildcard characters, but will match partial entries. That is, ARTEMIS Dashboard returns Goodman, Goodall, and Osgoode if you enter Good in the Author box. ARTEMIS Dashboard only displays articles that meet all filter criteria.

Adding to Filters

If you need a more complex filter, use the Add to filter command. This command does three things:

  1. Moves currently entered criteria to a summary line.
  2. Displays a new blank form you use to enter additional filter criteria.
  3. Aggregates the filter, acting as a logical 'OR' and combining the results of each filter.

Here we've created a filter to find articles with the Article ID of 051415 OR TLF2727.

ARTEMIS Dashboard immediately displays your results in the Article Dashboard. Please see the Article Dashboard topic for more information.

Clearing Filters

To quickly reset the filters to default values, click Clear filter.