Article Workflow Tasks

You use Tasks in the Action(s) column to view all tasks created for the article, view files, and launch ProofExpress.

To use View Task
  1. Search for an article.
  2. Click Tasks under Action(s). ARTEMIS Dashboard displays the Article Workflow Tasks form.

The Article Workflow Tasks form lists information about the article, its Journal, Article ID, Issue ID, Article Type, Article Title, and ComponentId.

Following this, ARTEMIS Dashboard displays the article's Workflow Task, Workflow Stage, Status, Created date and Completed date, and available Action(s). Each line in the form tells you about the workflow steps completed or in process.

You can sort on all columns except Action(s). If available, you can View Files and Launch PFX for an article.

View Files

File Columns

Each file has the following information listed:

Launch PFX

Click Launch PFX to open the article in ProofExpress in a new browser tab. For information on using ProofExpress, please see its online Help.