(AR) Copyediting

Refer to your specific WorkflowThe sequence of process through which an ad, article, issue, or front and back mater pass from creation to completion. and process documentation for account-specific information.


The manuscript is with the Copy Editor, who performs a copy edit prior to (AR) Composition.

Full Description:

If your workflow has a (AR)Freestyle QC task, open the email and review it. Then go to the next step.

  1. Edit this task.
  2. Put the files on an FTP location for the Copy Editor to retrieve them.
  3. Assign the task to the Copy Editor.
  4. Click Notify. ARTEMIS sends an email to the Copy Editor that the files are available. When finished, the Copy Editor returns the files to the PAProduction Assistant.
  5. As PA, upload the files
  6. In the Additional InfoTK section, type the page count next to CE Pages.
  7. At Figure Corrections, select Y, N, or R.
  8. Click Complete. ARTEMIS closes the task.

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