(AR) Record Created


The first step in adding an article to ARTEMIS.

Full Description

Before you can add the article to the system, you need to create the record.

To create an Article record
  1. Click Production>Issues.
  2. Select your journal from the Issues list and click View. ARTEMIS displays the Issue Details screen.
  3. In the Articles section, click Add.
  4. Type the ArticleAn Article may be a review, editorial, and other component that makes up an Issue. ID, and choose an Article TypeDepending on the customer, an article type may be Article, Errata, From the Editors, etc. and add the Article Title.
  5. In the Authors (Summary) section click New Author or New Author – Inline. ARTEMIS Displays a dialog box or a form, depending on your choice.
  6. Type Author Type, Title, GivenName, Surname, Email, Phone Number, Postal Code, and Identifier (ORCID or other author identifier).
  7. In the Additional Information section, add the information, if available.
  8. Click Save.

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