(AR) Send Proof

Refer to your specific WorkflowThe sequence of process through which an ad, article, issue, or front and back mater pass from creation to completion. and process documentation for account-specific information.


This task opens after clicking Complete in the (AR) Comp QC task or after clicking Repost in a Review/QC task. Use this task to notify authors and editors that eproofs are available for review.

Full Description

To complete the Send Proof task
  1. Open the task for editing.
  2. In the File ManagerThe list of files organized into folders named for each task in the workflow. You can upload additional files, delete or restore files, rename file, examine file properties, view, download or include the files in Files to Send., select the check box next to the proof file or files to include, and then click Include in Files to SendTK.
  3. Verify that ARTEMIS lists all files to be sent for review in the Files to Send section.

IMPORTANT: All files must be in Files to Send before the next step or they are not sent to the recipient.

  1. Click Create Email. ARTEMIS displays a Notification Email section with the composed email.

    The contents of the email depend on how the journal is set up. Some will direct the recipient to pick up their files from The Author Center(TAC) A browser-based, automated interface for authors to deliver, retrieve, correct, and return proofs.. Others may include the proof file or files as attachments.
  2. Make any adjustments to the email. You can click Re-Create From Template, if you need to restore the email to its original state, Refresh to refresh the email display, Cancel to cancel changes, or Save to save your changes without sending the email.
  3. Click Send Email. The Send Proof task closes and the (AR) Author Corrections task opens, assigned to TACThe Author Center: A browser-based, automated interface for authors to deliver, retrieve, correct, and return proofs..
If you need to send additional material to TAC

NOTE:You must follow the following sequence if you need to send copyright forms, supplemental material, etc. to The Author Center (TAC) for proofing.

  1. Edit the (AR) Send Proof task.
  2. Select any additional files you need to send to TAC and add to the Files to Send section. The PDF proof should already be there.

If you add files to Files to Send after creating the email, ARTEMIS does not send the added files. You must create a new email with those files.

  1. Click Create Email and then click Send Email.

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