(FB) Record Created

Refer to your specific WorkflowThe sequence of process through which an ad, article, issue, or front and back mater pass from creation to completion. and process documentation for account-specific information.


The first step in adding front and back matter to ARTEMIS.


These procedures are for a "unique" workflow.

Full Description

Before you can add the front and back matter to the system, you need to create the record.

To create an FMBM record
  1. Click Production>Issues.
  2. Select your journal from the Issues list and click View. ARTEMIS displays the Issue Details screen.
  3. In the Front/Back Matter section, click Add.
  4. Type the Identifier, and choose a Type and add the Title.
  5. In the File ManagerThe list of files organized into folders named for each task in the workflow. You can upload additional files, delete or restore files, rename file, examine file properties, view, download or include the files in Files to Send. section, upload the files.
  6. In the Remarks section, add any instructions for processing using the To Vendor category.
  7. ARTEMIS closes this task and opens the (FB) Composition task with a status of AwaitingVendor.

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