How do I use ads from FMP in ARTEMIS without reprocessing by TNQ?

Occasionally, you need to use an ad existing in FMPFileMaker Pro in an ARTEMIS workflow. You don't want TNQ to process the ad again and you need to make it clear in ARTEMIS Sequencing and in the Closing Memo the new ARTEMIS ad ID and the old FMP ad ID are.

  1. Add the old FMP ads into ARTEMIS, preferably in the Unassigned issue.
  2. During ad set-up in ARTEMIS, choose PU in the Supplied drop-down and select Is Reusable.
  3. Include the old FMP ad number as part of the AdAdvertising for an issue. Title when you set up the ad in ARTEMIS. For example, and ad title might beJASN- Updated Web site (old ad ID: AC237). This helps you select the correct ad during Sequencing.
  4. In the Remarks section, choose Closing Memo and include the following text: This ad was previously processed by TNQ. It is a Pick-up ad... The old ad number is... and include the ad number.

    This message appears in the RemarksForPlanner column on the Closing Memo which will help TNQ pick the correct ad.

Now in the Ad workflow, do one of the following:

If the Ad workflow doesn't start

If the Ad workflow starts

  1. In Ad Processing, open the task and send email to TNQ to not process the ad. You then must upload the old FMP ad files from TNQ into ARTEMIS.
  2. Complete the workflow tasks until you see Approval and the task is closed.

If there are any corrections, you can make them during issue production.