Should I enter alteration counts in Corrections Review or Proof Revisions?

Article workflows

For some ARTEMIS workflows, you can enter your correction counts in Corrections Review (after Author Corrections and/or Editorial Office Corrections tasks) or at Proof Revisions. Do not put counts in both tasks. Our preference is to put them in at the Proof Revisions task. If you entered the counts in both tasks when sending one round of corrections to TNQ, please email Susan Clark for assistance.

Issue, PAP, FMBM, ELD workflows

Enter the correction counts once with each revision you send back to TNQ.

Alteration Counts

You will need to enter the counts for VEs, EAs, AAs, and PEs. Remarks can't be counted.

You enter the tasks in the Additional Information section.

Enter each count. If there are Figure Corrections, select Y, N, or R.