How do I enter Additional Charges?

You must edit the task to enter Additional ChargesNew billing charges added to a record. Rush Processing, for example, is an additional charge..

What are Additional Charges?

Additional Charges include work performed that is outside the typical workflow and may not be captured during your standard processing. This can include special customer requests, one-off projects, special handling of certain components, re‑folioing the issue, creating issue CDs, etc.

To add Additional Charges
  1. Edit any task.
  2. Click the blue Additional Charges heading to expand it.
  3. ClickAdd. ARTEMIS opens the New Additional Charge dialog box.
  4. Select a Billing Code from the drop-down list.
  5. Type a Quantity for the selected code.
  6. Type any Remarks.
  7. Click Save. ARTEMIS saves the entry.

NOTE:Once saved, you cannot delete or edit an entry. Instead, add an additional Additional Charges entry.