What do I do if I've already calculated pagination but the customer pulls an article?

Open the issue's Issue Sequencing task and perform the following steps. This assumes that your articles are in the correct order, you've entered the starting page number for the Body, and you've already clicked Calculate Pagination for the issue.

NOTE:Before performing this procedure, run a Closing Memo on the issue so that you have a copy of the order of the articles along with their page numbers.

Highlight the article and then click Unassign item(s).

This moves the article to an unassigned issue. The articles are now scrambled in the order they are listed. The number column (#) has reordered itself and is now in correct numeric order. This does not match the order before you pulled the article out of the Body section. Both the Start Page and End Page columns are scrambled, but the page range for each article is the same as before you pulled the article.

To reorder the articles correctly
  1. If your Start Page number for the Body section is 293 (as an example), locate the article that still starts on page 293 and drag the article or click Up and place it at the start of the Body section.
  2. Find the next article that has the next sequential page range and drag the article or click Up so that it is the second article in the Body section.
  3. Continue with the remaining articles until the page ranges are in order, minus the articles that were pulled.
  4. Verify the order with the lineup from the customer or the Closing Memo you ran prior to removing any articles.
  5. Click Calculate Pagination and ARTEMIS recalculates the pagination and assigns new Start Page and End Page values based on the same order with the article or article removed.