How do I put a component such as an article on HOLD without stopping the workflow?

This topic describes a workaround for using the current capabilities of ARTEMIS to place a component on hold. This does NOT prevent a workflow from progressing.

Putting a task on Hold makes it visible on the Tasks screen and on the WIP reports.


Be aware that the workflow can advance even when the status changes to Hold.

To put a component on Hold
  1. Edit the current active task and change the Task StatusA task's condition at a given stage in the process. Task status can be Initialized, Open, AwatingVendor, AwaitingWorkflow, Error, Query, Hold, Closed, Deleted, Failed, Skipped, Withdrawn, or Active. to Hold.

Warning! Do not use Hold for a task with an AwaitingVendor status, such as an eTPThe electronic Transfer Process , an automated method of transferring and tracking files. signal task (Composition) or a satellite system task (TACThe Author Center: A browser-based, automated interface for authors to deliver, retrieve, correct, and return proofs. or Author Corrections). On these AwaitingVendor tasks, the Hold change described in step 1 will not be an Active task when the files are returned. Therefore you lose their visibility in the Status column.

  1. Add a Remarks message with Hold as the category. Include the original task status, the reason for the hold and the date the hold was placed. Include instructions for the reader to not click Confirm when they see the RemarkMessages attached to a record. Remarks can be categorized for Customer, Author, Production, etc. You may request confirmation for a Remark. message dialog box, unless the reader is removing the Hold.

    When a user later edits the any of this component's tasks, she will see the Remarks message dialog box.

Warning! If you have pop-up windows disabled in Chrome or if you are using a pop-up window blocker, you will not see the Remarks message pop-up window.

  1. Click the Record IDThe unique alphanumeric or numeric identifier you assign when creating an Ad, Article, Issue or Front Matter/Back Matter. in the TaskA Task is a function performed by a user. Tasks can contain one or more events. ARTEMIS assigns tasks to a User or Group, but only a User can close a task. screen.

    ARTEMIS displays the ArticleAn Article may be a review, editorial, and other component that makes up an Issue. Details screen.
  2. Click Edit, and then change the component title to include **HOLD** at the beginning. This gives the item more visibility on the Tasks list.

Warning! If you send a file to TNQ that contains a correction to the article title, the new article title overwrites the old title upon return, and the **HOLD** disappears.

If a component is on Hold, you can remove the Hold.

To remove a component from Hold
  1. Edit the current, active task with a Hold Status.
  2. When the Remark dialog box opens, click Confirm.
  3. Change the Task Status to its prior status setting. You can find this setting in the Remark.
  4. Complete this task as you normally would when completing the task.If you are not completing the task at this time, click Save. Do not change to Closed.
  5. Click Edit and remove the **HOLD** text from the component title.

Viewing Components on Hold

You can view components with a Hold status in the Task screen or in WIP reports.

To view a component on Hold in the Task Inbox

To view a component on Hold in the WIP Report