How do I search on multiple workflow tasks?

You can use more than one filter to search for multiple workflow tasks by using the Add to filter option on the Tasks screen

On the Tasks screen, next to the Clear filter command is Add to filter. When you are using the drop-down search fields (GroupOne or more users responsible for a task. Similar to the concept of a shared email inbox or email distribution group., Title, UserA person using ARTEMIS, either inside or outside DJS., Component, Status, Type) you can choose/search for multiple items in each of these fields. When you are using the text search fields (Record Id, Name/Title, TaskA Task is a function performed by a user. Tasks can contain one or more events. ARTEMIS assigns tasks to a User or Group, but only a User can close a task. Name, Author) you can also search for more than one specific text item in these fields.

In this example , I’d like to view all the articles in AMO that have not been sent to the copy editor, so therefore any article at MS Prep, or Files to Copy Editor. I’m not worried about Graphics Processing at this time.

(mouse over any image to see it full size)

The Tasks screen shows most of the AOM articles, active, sorted by article/Record IDThe unique alphanumeric or numeric identifier you assign when creating an Ad, Article, Issue or Front Matter/Back Matter..

In the Task Name field I’d type in Prep (for MS Prep), and you would get the following results.

But I also want to see those articles on the same screen along with those that are at the Files to Copy Editor task. At this point, I click Add to filter (in red circle below), type files to c (for Files to Copyeditor) in the Task Name field (green check mark below) and press Enter and you see the following screen.

At the top of the Tasks screen, you can see how ARTEMIS is selecting the articles to display below (Groups: AOM Production and Status: Active and ComponentsAn Ad, Article, Issue, or Front/Back Matter. Each component has tasks associated with it in a Workflow.). You also see the Trash Can and Pencil icons in the upper right corner.


Trash Can: If you click the Trash Can icon (it says Remove filter if you hover over it), it removes the original filter we added (prep). In this case, it removes the results with prep in the task name and we’re left with only the articles with files to c in the Task Name (following screen). You now are using just one single text search field.

Pencil: Return to the point, where we are searching for both prep and files to c. If you click the Pencil icon (it says Edit filter if you hover over it), you can edit the prep filter or click the Pencil again and you can edit the files to c filter.

As I say in the Basic Skills training class, the better you get at filtering and having your Tasks screen display exactly what you want, the faster and more efficient you will be in ARTEMIS!