To get to the Reports screen, click Reports in the upper left corner of the ARTEMIS page.

Report types

We've organized reports into the following groups. Click a group to go to those reports. Click an individual report name to go directly to that report's procedure.

Reporting Group Report Name
Generic Reports

Missing Acknowledgements Signal Report — Alerts you to eTPThe electronic Transfer Process , an automated method of transferring and tracking files. signals not received by TNQ or tasks not opening after a prior task has closed.

Closing Memo — Generates the closing memo for an issue.

Work In Progress — Displays the work in progress for the selection.

Scientific Societies Reports

Ready to Compile

Work In Progress — Displays the work in progress for the selection.

Work In Progress Lite — Displays a:"lighter" version of the work in progress for the selection.


Billing for Tooling — Generates a report on accounts for whom we only provide pre-copy editing tasks.

Invoice Cycle Report

Invoice Cycle Report 60 Days

Issue Billing — Generates a report showing everything in the issue, used generate an invoice.

Unassigned Billing Report

Billing Management

MS & Tooled Pages Report

Releases Report


Alterations — Displays a count of alterations per issue for the selected time frame.

Turn Around Time — Shows how long it has taken to complete certain tasks based on task milestones.