Release Notes for ARTEMIS

These release notes are organized as follows:



ARTEMIS requires the Google Chrome browser. If you don't have Google Chrome installed, please install it .

If you are a telecommuter or not on-site in Waterbury, you don't need to be on "The Farm" to use ARTEMIS. ARTEMIS is available with any Internet connection.

What's New

The following new features are available in ARTEMIS


Feature Summary Explanation
Artemis Help Add Help Button to Artemis Menu Help button is on the main bar between Contact Support and Log Out.
Admin WorkflowThe sequence of process through which an ad, article, issue, or front and back mater pass from creation to completion. Upload for admin users This will allow the Artemis team to apply workflow updates more easily.
Admin File Selection RulesTK for admin users This will allow the Artemis team to apply automatic selection of files for additional efficiencies in Pub Svcs
Tech Support Additional information in Error entries to help manage work. Three new database fields needed: (1) WO# (Work Order Number, (2) TSS ("Assigned Tech Support Specialist"), (3) TSS Notes (Tech Support Specialist notes).


We've made the following improvements in this ARTEMIS release.

Feature Summary Explanation
Phone number field UI for Phone numbers should allow "+" (plus) and "-" (hyphen) in values Phone number now allow "+" and "-"
Component screen Add TestRecord indication in the TaskA Task is a function performed by a user. Tasks can contain one or more events. ARTEMIS assigns tasks to a User or Group, but only a User can close a task. screen When a component is designated a test record, "Test RecordTK" is visible in the Component details screen.

Known Issues

Here are the Known Issues (bugs) with this release.

Feature Summary Explanation
ComponentsAn Ad, Article, Issue, or Front/Back Matter. Each component has tasks associated with it in a Workflow. Add screen Component Identifier should not allow a duplicated value within the same Title. Does not allow duplicate component identifiers (article numbers) in the same title.
Component Assignment Available components are not removed after being assigned on Issue. In Issue Sequencing Add Items form, when all items are added, the form is updated (no items visible)
Copyright Forms Task Copyright Forms link is not being generated. Fixed bug in JLR Copyright Forms to Editorial Office task, which prevented links to attached forms.
Task List "Clear Filter" option only cleans the selection filters, not the text fields. Task List: Clear Filter command now clears text fields.
TAT Files to Copyeditor Due Date needs to carry forward to Copyediting task Due Date Files to Copy Editor due date carries forward to Copyediting task.
AdAdvertising for an issue. details "Ad Type" field is not being saved when creating ads from Customer screen. Fix for bug that did not save Ad type; if no ad type is available, an error will be displayed.