When editing, you or a collaborator can enter comments for the Production Editor. Comments don't become part of the article. Comments are just instructions or parenthetical remarks that you can see within ArticleExpress. ArticleExpress inserts comment markers at the cursor. If you select a block of text and then insert a comment, the comment marker appears at the beginning of the selection. Open the Comments widget to see the comment text.

What is the difference between Author Queries and Comments?

Author Queries are messages from the copy editor to the author. They are added to the article before export to ArticleExpress. Author Queries must be addressed before article submission. Comments can be added at any stage, and do not have to be addressed before submission.

To add a comment
  1. In Editor mode , place your cursor at the location you want the comment marker to appear.
  2. Click the Insert Comment icon .
    - or -
    Click the Comment panel and then click Insert Comment.
  3. Type your comment.
  4. When finished, click Insert Comment. ArticleExpress inserts the comment marker in the text and records the comment.

You can also remove a comment.

To remove a comment
  1. In the text, click a comment marker. ArticleExpress opens the Comments widget.
  2. Click Delete. ArticleExpress asks you to confirm.
  3. Click Yes. The comment is deleted and the marker is removed from the text.