The Download PDF Menu

If you' like to download the PDF for reference or prefer to make edits and mark up a hard copy of your article, use the Composed PDFA PDF of the unedited article that you can download for reference. command on this menu.

Composed PDF

If you choose the Composed PDF command, ArticleExpress asks whether you wish to download the PDF as a reference, or whether you'd like to annotate the PDF instead. The first option lets download a PDF of your article, but all edits must ultimately be made and submitted in the ArticleExpress editing interface. If you choose to annotate the PDF instead of using the online editing interface, you can't go back and use the commands in ArticleExpress to make changes to your article. All edits and reviews must be completed on the PDF copy.
If you choose this command by mistake but want to use the ArticleExpress editing and reviewing tools, contact your Production Editor for assistance.

To download a Composed PDF
  1. Click Download PDF>Composed PDF. ArticleExpress displays the Download PDF dialog box.
  2. Click Reference to download the composed article PDF to use while making all changes within the ArticleExpress system.
    Click Annotate to download a composed PDF of the article. Instead of using the ArticleExpress system, you will be redirected to a web page with instructions for annotating the PDF and uploading it.
    Click Cancel to return to ArticleExpress

Marked-Up HTML Proof

You can download a Marked-Up HTML ProofA PDF of the edited article with track changes shown that can be downloaded for reference., which includes your changes marked as tracked changes. This file is a snapshot of your article to that point.

To download a Marked-Up HTML Proof