ClosedWhat do Collaborators do?

Collaborators can comment only, edit only, edit and answer queries, , or have full proxy rights of the original author. The Corresponding Author (or full-proxy collaborator) assigns the collaboration access level.

ClosedI gave a CollaboratorA colleague to whom you give permission to perform edits, commenting, or other tasks on your article. the wrong access level. Is it too late to change it? How do I change it?

Once you assign an access level, you can't change it. Instead, go to the Collaboration tab and end the collaboration. Then re-add the collaborator, this time with the correct access level.

ClosedWill I be notified when my Collaborators have finished?

Yes. ArticleExpress alerts you when the collaborator has completed his work.

ClosedA Collaborator made changes that I do not accept. How can I reject them? Will the collaborator be notified that they were rejected?

You accept or reject changes in Review modeIn this mode you can review and accept or reject any edits made to an article.. Under Track Changes, click the X button for each change you want to reject. Collaborators are not notified.