ClosedI need to insert a footnote type or link that isn’t listed in the drop-down. What should I do?

Some changes can only be made by a Production Editor. Place your cursor where you'd like the footnote or link to appear and insert a Comment. In the comment, tell the Production Editor what you'd like to do.

ClosedWhy are my edits shaded?

ArticleExpress uses shading to draw attention to the change. Green shading indicates inserted text, while gray shading means a reference linked to a citation or linked item was deleted. Purple indicates formatting changes.

ClosedI’ve deleted my reference. Will my citation be deleted, as well?

If you delete a reference, all citations to that reference in your article are deleted automatically.

ClosedIn File Attachments, what is the difference between files, assets and extras?

The Files tab contains anything you have uploaded using the File Attachment widget. The AssetsFigures, tables, or video thumbnail images represented in the article. tab contains Supplemental Figures, Tables, and Videos represented in the article. The ExtrasSupplemental files associated with but not represented in the article; e.g., datasets. tab contains Supplemental Files not represented in the article, e.g., data sets.

ClosedI’ve made a change, but I changed my mind. I can’t get back to my original text. What do I do?

ArticleExpress keeps track of every edit, addition, and deletion. First, try the Undo arrow. If that doesn't restore your original text, switch to Review modeIn this mode you can review and accept or reject any edits made to an article.. Find your change in the Track Changes widget and click the red X to the right of your change. Doing this deletes your change. Note that this will show as a change if you return to Editor modeIn this mode you can make edits, work with comments, and perform other tasks.. If you still cannot restore your original text, place the cursor where you want to see the change and insert a comment to the Production Editor.

ClosedHow do I insert a footnote? Link? Citation? Reference?

You use the different Insert menus to add these items to an article. See Footnotes, Links, Citations, or References for information and procedures.

ClosedI replaced a figure and then changed my mind. How do I get the original back?

Insert a comment or contact the Production Editor(Help > Production Editor) with your instructions.

ClosedI don’t like the size or layout of my table or figure. What can I do?

Tables and figures have journal-specific size constraints. They've been formatted to fit within the allotted space. Insert a comment or contact the Production Editor (Help > Production Editor) with your instructions.

ClosedWhy can’t I insert a comment?

You can only enter a comment in Editor mode. If you are in Review mode or if the article is read-only, contact the Production Editor(Help > Production Editor) with your comments.

ClosedWhy are my references, citations, footnotes, equations out of order and how can I fix that?

As an author, you cannot reorder these elements. The Production Editor reorders these elements during a post-correction review.

ClosedMy Supplemental Data aren’t appearing. Why?

If your article submission contained Supplemental Data and those data do not appear in your article, contact the Production Editor(Help > Production Editor).

ClosedI know my reference is on PubMed, but it isn’t coming up. Should I do something differently?

Check your reference again and make sure you are entering the correct information. Try looking up the reference outside of ArticleExpress in EndNote or on Google. If the reference is found outside ArticleExpress, please email support (Help > Contact Technical Support).

ClosedWhy is my change locked?

Changes that the Corresponding Author has already accepted may be locked from further changes.