ClosedI logged out of editing. How do I re-access my article?

You can re-access your article to make edits any time before you click Submit. The only exception is when a CollaboratorA colleague to whom you give permission to perform edits, commenting, or other tasks on your article. is working on the article, as only one user at a time can be editing the article. During those times you can access a read-only version of your article. Once you submit your article, a read-only version will be available to you for 30 days.

ClosedWhen should I contact Technical Support or the Production Editor?

Contact Technical Support if you have a question about or a problem with ArticleExpress functionality. Contact the Production Editor if you have a question about article layout, figure sizing or replacement, journal policies, or other publishing-related questions.

To contact either, click Help>Contact Technical Support or Help>Contact Production Editor.

ClosedWhat do I do if I can’t find an answer in the Help system?

Contact Technical Support with your questions, suggestions, and corrections for the Help System.

ClosedI was logged out automatically. Why?

ArticleExpress has a time-out function. If it detects no keyboard or mouse input after 30 minutes, it will log you out of the system. Use the link you were provided to log in again.

ClosedI can't submit my article. What should I do?

Verify that you have answered Author Queries from the copy editor. If you have not answered these, you can't submit your article to the Production Editor for review. If you've answered all Author Queries and you still can't submit your article, contact Technical Support.

ClosedCan I use non-Latin characters?

Yes. See the Using Non-Latin Characters in the Special Characters topic for instructions.

ClosedI downloaded the composed pdf and now I am stuck in read-only access. Why?

When you download a composed PDF, ArticleExpress give you two choices. If you chose Reference, you download a reference PDF to use along while making edits with the ArticleExpress system. If you choose Annotate, you must annotate the downloaded PDF and upload them when finished.; you cannot use the ArticleExpress system to make edits. If you chose Annotate by mistake, contact your Production Editor for assistance.

ClosedI downloaded the annotated pdf from the Download PDF dialog box in order to annotate it, but I have decided to use the ArticleExpress system. How do I do that?

Once you select the Annotate PDF command, you cannot edit your article in ArticleExpress. You can, however, view your article in read-only mode.