As a corresponding author, you can invite co-authors and others to be collaborators. These collaborators can make edits, suggest changes, etc. When you invite collaborators, you assign them a level of access and a time duration during which they can work on the article. For any given collaborator, you can choose one of the following access levels:

Levels of Access

To invite a collaborator
  1. Click the Collaboration tab. ArticleExpress displays the Collaborators form.
  2. Fill out the Add/Edit Collaborator section. ArticleExpress requires the name, initials, and email address.
  3. Change the Access Level and Duration if desired.
  4. Add any message or special instructions to include in the email.
  5. Click Send Invitation. ArticleExpress sends the invitation to the designated author.

Administering Collaborators

Occasionally, you might need to remind a collaborator that you expect a response or you may need to end the collaboration early. Use the Current Collaboration area of the Collaborators form to do this.

To administer Collaborators
  1. Click the Collaboration tab. ArticleExpress displays the Collaborators form.

    ArticleExpress displays a list of your collaborators in the Current Collaboration area.
  2. Click the envelope icon to send a reminder to the collaborator. ArticleExpress displays a dialog box where you can set the subject or message. You can accept the text or provide your own. Click Send to send a reminder.
    - or -
    Click the Stop icon to end the collaboration. When you end the collaboration, the collaborator loses article access and receives an email notification.

I am a CollaboratorA colleague to whom you give permission to perform edits, commenting, or other tasks on your article., but ArticleExpress says that the article is read-only.

Only one person can work on the article at a give time so that changes can be accurately tracked. If you get this message, click OK and ArticleExpress will send you an email when the current user has closed the article. You can then go and edit or review the article.