Editing, Reviewing, and Collaboration

ArticleExpress has three modes you can use—Editor, Review, and Collaboration. Each tab is explained in more depth in The Editor, Review, and Collaboration Tabs topic.

Editor mode

In Editor modeIn this mode you can make edits, work with comments, and perform other tasks., you — along with any collaborators — make changes to the article, addressing queries and any requests from your Production Editor. Using the ArticleExpress tools, you can annotate figures, request figure replacement, work with structured elements, attach files, and more.

For information on editing with ArticleExpress, see the Editing Your Article topics in the Contents.

Review mode

As corresponding author, you can review any changes made to your article by a CollaboratorA colleague to whom you give permission to perform edits, commenting, or other tasks on your article.. While in Review modeIn this mode you can review and accept or reject any edits made to an article. you can see all the changes to the article, and accept or reject the changes. You cannot make any edits while in Review mode, but you can switch back to Editor Mode.

See the Reviewing Your Article topics in the Contents.

Collaboration mode

Collaboration Mode lets you add collaborators and give them permission to make edits to the document. When complete, you can see these changes in review Mode and accept or reject them.

For information and procedures, see the Collaborating on Your Article in the Contents.