The Figures widget lets you view a thumbnail of every image in your article. To go to the image, click See figure in text.

You can replace figures and mark up (annotate) figures.

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Replacing Figures

When you replace figures, you aren't replacing it yourself. instead, you attach and upload a figure and ArticleExpress alerts the editors.

To replace a figure
  1. In the Figures widget, click Replace Figure.
    - or -
    Click Replace Figure underneath the figure in the text.
    ArticleExpress may alert you that the replacement figure may require additional review and approval.
  2. Choose the replacement figure.
  3. Type any instructions, comments, or other information for the editor.
  4. Click Upload.

ArticleExpress uploads the figure and displays Figure Replacement Requested above the figure.

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Marking Up a Figure

If you have special instructions on a figure or are answering Author Queries, you can use the ArticleExpress Annotation feature to mark up a figure.

To mark up a figure
  1. In the Figures widget, click inside the figure.
    - or -
    Click inside the figure in the text.
    ArticleExpress displays the figure in Expanded view.
  2. Click Markup Figure.
  3. ArticleExpress may display an informational dialog on annotation. Click Proceed.
    ArticleExpress displays the annotation window.
  4. Use the annotation tools to mark up your figure.
  5. Right-click an annotation to changes its attributes.

Annotation type Attributes and dialog Dialog


You must click/drag the Note to open it in the figure. Click the check mark to insert the note in the figure. Click the X mark to cancel placing the note.

Text, font color, font, font size, bold/italic.
Arrow Line color and line size Line color and line size Line color and line size
Rectangle, circle, free-form
  1. When you are finished with mark up, click Save (disk icon). ArticleExpress saves your markup and displays Figure Edits Requested above the image.

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