You can work with four types of footnotes. Some of these commands don't insert the footnotes into the document body, but add the selected footnote types to a list you can choose from with the Insert Citation command.

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You use this command to insert different types of footnotes, separate from the Affiliation, Correspondence, and Abbreviation types. These footnote types and where they appear in the article are:

Current Address
in Title
Deceased Author
in Title
Equal Contribution Footnote
in Title
Presented at
in Footnotes
in Footnotes
in Footnotes

To insert a footnote
  1. Click Insert Footnotes>Footnote.
  2. In the Insert Footnote dialog box, select a type of footnote.
  3. Type the footnote text and format it with the available formatting options.
  4. Click Insert Footnote. The footnote is added to the article. If the footnote type is Body, you can insert the citation with the Insert Citation>Footnote Citation command.

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Affiliations appear with the author names. You add an affiliation and then assign it to an author or authors.

To add an affiliation
  1. Click Insert Footnotes>Affiliation.
  2. In the Insert Affiliation dialog box, type and format your text.
  3. Click Insert Affiliation. The affiliation is added to the list along with a footnote number. To attach an affiliation to an author or authors, see Authors, Editors, & Non-Byline Authors.

Note: You can also add an affiliation while in the Edit Affiliations dialog box by clicking the Add Affiliations link at the bottom.

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You can insert a correspondence footnote.

To insert a correspondence footnote
  1. Click Insert Footnotes>Correspondence.
  2. In the Insert Correspondence dialog box, type and format your text.
  1. Click Insert Correspondence.

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You can add abbreviations used throughout your article.

To add an abbreviation
  1. Click Insert Footnotes>Abbreviation.
  2. In the Insert Abbreviation dialog box, type the abbreviation term and its description. To add more than one abbreviation, click +(Add more).
  3. Click Insert Abbreviation. ArticleExpress inserts the abbreviation at the bottom of the abbreviation list.

ArticleExpress doesn't automatically reorder abbreviations. The Production Editor will do this manually after reviewing your changes.

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