Be concise

Good content should be:

You should:

Keep sentences and paragraphs short

If a sentence has more than 25 words, try to split it to make the points clearer. Most readers understand sentences of under 14–20 words. With more than 20 words, sentences become more difficult to comprehend.

Vary sentence length. This helps keep readers interested and varies your tone. Too many short sentences sound terse and like you're giving orders. Longer sentences help the flow as well.

Do the same for paragraphs. If it looks long, try to break it up. Let's look at an example. Instead of:

The Terminator is used in conjunction with a large number of other publishers. Generally, we update the program on a quarterly basis whenever changes are implemented. When an update is scheduled for release, we will alert you that there is an update available. It is your responsibility to download and install the newest release and then to ensure you are working with the latest version.


We use the Terminator with many customers. We update it quarterly and we'll share updates when released. Remember that you are responsible to ensure you have the latest version.