I’ve been creating technical documentation since 1986. I started out working on print documentation but have transitioned to online documentation and training. This page provides samples of documentation.

Samples available here

Online Help for ArticleExpress — This Help supports a SaaS product used for editing STEM articles, proofing them, and preparing them for print and online delivery. Each instance of Help is tailored to the individual client and journal.

Advice for New Technical Writers — Some advice for the new technical writer, published on LinkedIn.

Using the Publisher Center.pdf — Quick Reference PDF for clients using The Publishing Center, a web application used to manage and retrieve published articles.

When You’re Stuck.pdf— Job aid for ARTEMIS users needing assistance.

Videos (Open in a new window)

Introduction to ArticleExpress — What is ArticleExpress and what problems does it solve?

Adding a Citation to a Table Footnote — Adding a citation to an item in a table row is easy. Use the Element Editor to add a citation to a table footnote.

Fixing a Broken Figure — Is that missing/broken figure really missing? Do you need to have us process another graphic? It might just be misnamed. Use the Element Editor to fix it.

Editing References with the Element Editor — If punctuation is missing, use the Element Editor to add it back in.