FAQ for Hiring

If you're a recruiter or hiring manager, please read!

Thank you for taking an interest in me and my background. You may have gotten here from a keyword match. Here are some answers to common questions I get.

What’s your current situation?

I’m currently employed, but don’t let that dissuade you. I always welcome new contacts. I may be able to recommend someone for you.

What’s my ideal role?

  • Document process and management, design, and workflow planning.
  • Writing and editing online documentation and training.
  • Creating support knowledgebases and leading support on products.
  • A permanent or contract position.
  • Working in an agile environment using best practices for development and documentation.
  • Documentation as a partner and part of the development effort.
  • UI/UX is important and necessary.
  • Tell me about your collaboration and how you maintain quality. How do you keep the team learning, growing, and engaged?

What tools do you use?

I use Madcap Flare, MkDocs, and Jekyll for online documentation. For training, Camtasia videos are a great tool. I also use Microsoft Office (doesn’t everyone?), Git, and Visual Studio Code.

How many years experience do you have?

A lot! Check my resume and my About Me page.


I don’t talk about salary until I know what the position is and what your expectations are. I’m sure you have a range for the position. Let’s get to know each other first!

Are you willing to relocate?

My family and I are planning to move to the St. George, Utah, area in 2024-2025 to assist elderly parents.

Are you willing to work remotely?

Absolutely! I have the internet bandwidth and the equipment for it, and I can make occasional visits to the work site.

Where are you located?

I currently live in the Burlington, Vermont area.

Your skills seem like a great match for this position. Would you be available for a quick five-minute phone call to chat?

You are welcome to call my phone number, but I won’t answer unless we’ve previously made an appointment or if I recognize your number. I’ve already tried to answer some of the most basic questions on this site.

Email is a great way to contact me. If we are both still interested in the situation after that, we can talk on the phone or video.

Do you want me to know if you have spent more than the three seconds nearly all recruiters spend on this page? In your email, mention the serial comma and you will have my attention and gratitude.

Do you have a notice period?

Two weeks.

Are you available for an interview?

I can interview on the telephone, Skype, Teams or Google Hangouts with short notice.