About the Protocol Steps

Add Step: Click a button (in the center of the LHC's main view) to perform that action in the Protocol. When the parameters dialog opens, use the controls and text fields to define the step. When the protocol is run, it will perform each of the steps in order.

The LHC provided steps are limited, see Protocol Steps. All additional action buttons are enabled by the instrument's software. The action buttons represent the instrument's functional abilities. If you are seeing unexpected buttons, learn how to change the instrument. (To learn about the instrument's action buttons, open their parameters dialog and click the Help button.)

Stand-alone Operation: Certain protocols can be downloaded to the instrument for stand-alone operation, i.e., run from the keypad. Depending on the instrument, multi-step protocols must be run with the instrument attached to the computer.

Shortcut: You can reuse a protocol as an element of another protocol. Define the steps and save them with a unique name. To reuse them when defining another protocol, click the From File... button.

Features of the work area: