Develop a File Management Strategy

For LHC Secure only.

An important first step for a system administrator is to decide how to manage protocols (.LHC file extension) and the database, LHC_DB_ACC.mdb.


When installing LHC Secure, you must decide whether to keep the LHC database on the local computer or move it to a shared network computer. Your choice depends on your lab's workflow:

By default during installation, the LHC stores the database on each computer (i.e., local), in the Windows Common Application Data Folder .

Learn more About the LHC Secure Databases.

Protocol Files

When running LHC Secure using a shared network computer, consider also sharing protocol files among users. Reasons:

Archiving Files

Determine the best method and location for archiving protocols and the system audit trail. Also consider the Protocol History folder that LHC creates in the protocol's source folder, if this feature is enabled.

See also Database Maintenance.

Backups: Perform backups on a regular schedule to preserve data. Consult your organization's IT administrator to develop a plan. Network files are typically backed up automatically and frequently. For files stored locally, take advantage of the LHC's Reminders tool to prompt users to copy LHC files to a portable media format.

After you decide how to store, structure, and archive files, be sure to train users.