Database Configuration

Database Location

When installing LHC Secure, you must decide whether to keep the LHC database on the local computer or move it to a shared network computer. Your choice depends on your lab's workflow:

By default during installation, the LHC stores the database on each computer (i.e., local), in the Windows Common Application Data Folder .

Learn more About the LHC Secure Databases.

Backups: A regular backup routine to safeguard the database records is recommended. This "Change Location" tool may also be necessary if you need to restore a database.

Database Optimization

The Optimize feature is part of the database clean up procedure. It executes the LHC's corruption-repair and size-compacting functions (when records have been marked for deletion during audit trail archiving) to reduce the database size.

Before "optimizing" the database, make sure all users are logged off the system.


When launched, the LHC attempts to connect to the database. If errors occur:

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