How to upload or download protocols

Important: Learn about Transferring Protocols, if you have not already done so.

Or how to transfer protocols to and from the instrument:

  1. Select Tools>Transfer Protocols.
  2. Make sure the desired protocols are displayed: check the Protocol Folder path for This computer and check the Instrument that is currently communicating with the LHC.
  3. Highlight one or more protocols in a display box. (Hold the Ctrl or Shift key to simultaneously select multiple files.)
  4. At the top of the screen, choose to Disable Editing of transferred protocols or not. This feature locks the protocols from editing or deleting when they are onboard the instrument.
  5. Click the applicable Upload or Download button.

The LHC will confirm the transfer or prompt you for more information. When the transfer is complete, you can manipulate the files as you normally would in their new location.

Highlight a protocol and click to view its contents online. Select one or more protocols and click to generate a printout of each file.